Is the moon an optical illusion?

The current concept of the moon states that it is a solid spherical object which orbits the Earth every 29.5 days at an average distance of 385,000km and rotates on its axis anti-clockwise (viewed from the northern hemisphere) at 16.7 km/hr or once every 27.32 days.

The Earth/moon distance at the correct proportions according to the current model.

It has to be this distance and speed to match the observable facts of the moon which is that we see certain illuminated portions of the same side every night (and occasionally day).

The moon in the heliocentric model.

The different phases of the moon over a month.

This alone is an incredible co-incidence. Of course, we already know that the Earth doesn’t revolve around the Sun, so how would the above diagram work with the standard geocentric model? With great difficulty. I’m not sure if it is possible even if the sizes, distances and speeds of the Sun/moon and their movements are absolutely optimized to try and match the observable facts. This is all moot anyway as no bodies can rotate around a completely 100% stationary Earth because it contradicts the center of mass of rotating bodies.

But let’s look at other strange observable pieces of evidence which stand alone from these theories.

Eyewitness anomalies
Video anomalies
Incredible clarity
Reflecting light (chiaroscuro)


Eyewitness anomalies

This is hearsay evidence which is the weakest. Believing a person on a forum on the internet is like believing the “man in the pub”. However, it is worth noting as there are so many of these reports.

There is this comment from an observer on (don’t laugh) on 8th Jan 2012, “I could see it all day yesterday here in Houston. Not a cloud in the sky”, and “I am near Houston too, and have seen it. No clouds either”, and “Yep, I have been seeing it all this past week during the day”. The problem is according to, at Houston on 7th Jan 2012, the moon rose at 17:22, set at 06:37 and was only one day away from a full moon!

The moon seemed to be out all day and night in Texas on this date, “I live in Oklahoma and I have been pointing this very thing out to people lately… For at least the last week or so, the moon is out ALL the day and still in the sky when I go to bed”

Maybe they are all lying or mistaken. Possibly.

Then there is the disappearing moon problem, “I was outside bout 8pm looked at the moon, then I had a cigarette and looked back and the f****** moon was GONE!!!”

The double moon hallucination, “…in late October, 1995, when I saw something I will never forget. Around 10:00 a.m. I happened to look straight up in the sky and saw the moon. It appeared very large and was about 3/4 full (sorry, I don’t know the proper term). After staring at it for a couple of minutes, it occurred to me that it was in the wrong part of the sky. That’s when I looked southward, towards the horizon and saw it again. I did a double-, triple-, quadruple-take! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I did a comparison and the moons were identical.”

The stationary moon, “Later in the morning at about 0930, I stepped out again and lo and behold, there was the moon again – practically in the same position as it was at 0630 – BUT THREE HOURS LATER.”

The slow-moving moon, “The Moon we saw this morning was towards the West, in the location of 10 o’clock. Which means that in twelve hours the Moon just moved around 90 degrees????”

Sure, these could all be mirages. Are there any harder pieces of evidence? Yes, there are.


Video anomalies

moon infront of clouds1
The moon in front of clouds. Difficult one to explain away. The brightness of the moon overpowers the lighter-colored clouds maybe?

moon infront of clouds2
The moon in front of clouds again. The video camera makes the moon look brighter than it is. Is it really shining through the pale clouds?
pacman moon
The pacman moon. Your guess is as good as mine.

pacman moon1
The pacman moon again. It could be a cloud, but the lines are far too angular.
jumping moon
The jumping moon. Mirage? Reflection? Kundalini force as the author claims?

moon morph
The melting moon. I’ve no idea. Plasma?
flipped moon
The flipped moon. As you have seen at the start of this post, this isn’t supposed to happen period.

vanishing moon
The disappearing moon. Clouds? Possibly.
moon disappearing1
Another disappearing moon. It is hard to blame clouds here.

stripy moon
The stripy moon. Clouds? Really?


Incredible clarity

The moon is supposed to be on average 385,000km distance from us, but the clarity of its picture is sometimes remarkable even to the naked eye. It’s also alleged to be a grey solid rock but its picture does not resemble pictures of other rocks such as mountains. In fact, there is no detail visible on photographs of distant mountains merely 10s of kilometers away.

The moon is more akin to something like microscopic pictures of polished aluminum than it is to a distant stony surface.

A close-up of the moon from the Hale telescope.

Polished aliminium mag
A microscopic image of polished aluminum.

The lack of detail of these distant mountains below is nothing like the crisp detail we can see on the moon even with the naked eye:

A full moon showing astounding crisp, clear and detailed features.

A distant mountain with no details visible.
The lack of clarity is astonishing.

These mountains on the horizon can be barely seen at all, let alone any detail.
Despite the snow white contrast, little is seen on the furthest ranges.

Even this clarity isn’t a patch on the moon some nights.

Big thanks to Simon Shack, the founder of Cluesforum for pointing this out.


Reflecting light (chiaroscuro)

Possibly the biggest anomaly with the moon is the way it reflects light; or rather the way it doesn’t. When a point of light shines on a solid sphere, the light reflecting off the sphere slowly decreases away from the area directly facing the light source.

Half Moon
A typical half-moon not reflecting light as a sphere.

How a sphere reflects light.

The fact that the Sun is not a spotlight doesn’t matter as it is a point of light in the blackness of space and too far away for its light to shine on to the moon’s back surface, at least according to the model du jour.
This means that it is not only the moon that cannot be a sphere, but also the “planets” as well, as they also reflect light in the same way.

The planet Mars observed through the Hale telescope not reflecting light as a sphere should.

The planet Uranus observed through the Hale telescope not shining like a solid sphere.

This would agree with the heliocentrists’ point that there can be no retrograde planetary motion in a geocentric universe. This is because planets are NOT solid spheres moving around anything. In fact, because the moon is likely to be an optical illusion of some kind and that the “planets” are also seen with the same light reflection as the moon, it follows by characteristic association that the “planets” are also probably optical illusions.

They could be disks or maybe bowls? I don’t know what shape they are, but it is further evidence that they are not real, but some kind of projection instead. A projection of what? No idea.

There is evidence of something even stranger in the sky. More on that in the next post.


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  1. Watch and see how close the moon and it’s orbitals are to us, as the camera zooms in/out the moon and orb pan out/in close/far also notice that the orbs in some of these videos shine through the clouds and haze, even though were told these orbs are jupiter, the moon and orbs are very close to each other in our lower atmosphere as you can tell by watching any of these videos, the last video is one i have created which shows the holographic beam portraying the moon image

    i cannot post the links i have, not showing up, here’s the playlist

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    1. Hey Sum,

      I love this vid from the user you thanked

      That’s more corroborating evidence for a concave Earth, albeit, not directly.

      I like these two vids of yours. What is with the ray, seriously. But is the ray a projection from or to the moon?

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      1. is the ray a projection from or to the moon?
        look at the crescent which way is it, look at orb below moon, look at where the light is strongest in beam, the moon is very bright, but bright enough to illuminate venus millions of miles away, which i am told it’s venus and jupiter, it is an orb it’s close, but thats my common sense opinion, i’ve heard all the explanations, i don’t buy anyone’s, people look at this subject for one min and they are lost, comical

        if a person looked at all the moon/object videos then common sense would kick in, seems like the common person cannot see this simplicity, even explained it does not compute to most

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          1. if you can expand your field of view you would see 2 or 3 orbs and sometimes at a great distance but they are moving in sync with the moon as if they are locked in orbit with the moon but it is actually the opposite in my understanding, the moon will rise here at 12;00 midnight i am recording it and documenting it from a 24 hour webcam feed and comparing it to last weeks feed i have, funny thing is these are low quality webcams and it picks up these orbs at dusk too when it’s still light and through the clouds and haze ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Hello humans :p
    I’m so glad I have found this website ! So many theories!
    Also I’ve got almost a year recordings of the Moon and the Chemtrails!
    Can’t wait to see new footage tho!
    Keep up the good work!


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  3. Hello WH, i have been watching in the SOUTH WEST sky here in halifax nova scotia the last 2 nights at 5 pm there is a HUGE ORB just sitting there just above the horizon, quite a distance away from the moon BUT in perfect alignment and moving in sync with the moon, *i can see this ORB through the haze and clouds even though the sky and moon was clouded over*, this ORB (not a planet or star) was so bright and big in the sky it cannot be missed, to me it looks like a holographic projector at full output, seems like these orbs are brighter when at a fair distance away from the moon and less luminous when closer to the moon

    My conclusion is the moon is a holographic projection in which the ORBitals projecting the moon are brighter at a long distance from the moon and less brighter at a closer distance to the moon, i have been paying attention ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Physics breakthrough: Is the universe a giant hologram?

        funny you mention that, all of a sudden theres a few popular users posting in youtube about physicists saying the universe is a huge hologram, interesting article and makes sense NOW, it seems the sky is littered with orbs and or holographic projectors, that huge bright orb in the SW sky at the horizon sure is a give away

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        1. I quite liked the hologram theory of existence when I first read about it but it was too far away from my everyday understanding that I couldn’t bridge the gap and so left it there as a “maybe”. Now however, I may have made inroads a little bit with a wild presumption from data from my next article. Very early tentative days yet though. We’ll see; it may lead to a dead end.

          Just to be sure, have you definitely ruled out the projectors in the sky aren’t bright stars or Venus etc.?

          EDIT: I won’t mention the holographic idea in the next article, just stuff that fits with evidence I can be relatively sure of.

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          1. Just to be sure, have you definitely ruled out the projectors in the sky arenโ€™t bright stars or Venus etc.?

            Oh yes, these projectors stay at the same distance away from the projected image, and move right in sync or almost perfect orbit, i have been seeing this same movement over and over since i’ve been watching, unless venus or the stars can orbit this moon ๐Ÿ™‚

            in my playlist holographic moon projectors, it is so obvious that those things around the moon are not planets or stars orbiting the moon or moon projection, there is so many of these videos out worldwide different dates and all showing the same pattern

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  4. Last night the moon’s hologram PROJECTORS were at 11 AND 5 o’clock position for SEVERAL HOURS and at the same distance, the moon was bright enough to cause lens flaring, last xmas it was a 3 day event, that’s when i took notice and it’s the SAME configuration as today’s moon with holographic projectors at 11 and 5 o’clock position, LOOK UP take note and look again in a few hours you’ll see the fakery right before your own eyes, the military has orb technology since the 1980’s and is well advanced now, looks to me like our old sky illusion, moon and all has disappeared and is now being replicated by these colourfulorbs, the whole sky is full of these colourful orbs, sometimes these orbs have a hard time keeping their star mimicking constellation positions they move a bit up down left right sometimes, i don’t remember seeing stars/planets flash pink,purple, BROWN a couple years ago

    Also there is NO MOON in any of the stratospheric balloon videos, i went through every video, there is one that is questionable but too small and dark to be a moon

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      1. they look like small stars or satellites, if you look at the moon you will see one or 2 of these orbiting the moon, moving right in synch with the moon, just take note of what is in the sky around the moon, they look like they are at a fair distance from the moon sometimes, these orbs are fairly bright sometimes one is dimmer than the other but they are still moving in synch with the moon

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  5. Here is another curious phenomenon:
    A rare celestial illusion of “triple suns” occurred in the sky over Chifeng, in northern China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Friday morning. The sun, accompanied by two smaller twins, suddenly popped up in the sky, and the triple suns appeared surrounded by arched rainbow-like halos. The illusion is actually deemed a legitimate astronomical phenomenon, also known as a “phantom sun” or “ice halo.” It only appears when ice crystals create high clouds in the air around 6,000 meters above ground, and produce reflected sunlight.

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  6. The Moon May Not Be What You Think It Is

    Published on Oct 25, 2013 by YT user Crrow

    Here is another mind bending moon observation caught on film. After a year of close observation I can tell you – you do not know the moon! Welcome to the Death Star footage. ALSO, WATCH CAREFULLY, THIS IS NOT THE CAMERA. THE CAMERA IS DIGITAL, THE WAVE IS ORGANIC AND THE CAMERA PANS ABOVE THE WAVE AND THEN THE WAVE CATCHES UP TO THE CAMERA.

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    1. Wild Sam, absolutely wild. At first I thought it could be the way the camera captures the video, but as the user says, the camera is panning up and the wave is behind and then catches up.

      I have absolutely no idea what to make of it except that it is yet another very, very strange optical phenomenon of the moon.

      When I eventually finish the next article I am still researching, I’ll update a few of the old articles, like the above one, with the new material you, others, and myself have found.

      Thanks a lot for this and keep them coming.


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    2. Sometimes I think the Moon is a reflected image of the other (dark) side of the Sun which is being lit by the reflected image of the Sun. We don’t see the real Sun, we only see its reflected image, and its reflection lits the back of the real Sun, which is, in turn, reflected and projected as the Moon we all see. Here is a rough drawing of the idea:

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      1. Perfectly possible. I know that sometimes the moon can be seen at the same time as the sun, but a reflected image could also be seen at the same time as the original of course. This actually needs more looking into.

        My personal opinion is that we actually see the real sun, but not the moon, only because we feel the heat from the Sun; but that is no valid reason on its own as heat can also reflect.

        I actually really like the idea that the moon could be the reflected back of the Sun. It would explain the half moon and all the rest of its angles being explained as a convex shape (lens) turning around a central point.

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      2. Well, the moon does appear the same size as the sun. Its an odd one, cos it seems to affect tides, and focaults pendulum at lunar eclipses.

        There are old astrological ideas about the nodes of the moon being important. They are the places in the sky, where if the moon crosses them, it goes into shadow. One node shadows the moon, the other shadows the sun.

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        1. That’s interesting. I’ve been reading a little about the nodes of a wave. I wonder if there is a connection. I bet you it has to do with the aether and the way it operates or criss-crosses perhaps which gives us these gravitational (tides) anomalies.

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    3. In my opinion, the YT video is fake. I think so because of the fact that the Moon doesn’t move in the video. Anyone who has observed the Moon knows that it moves very quickly and the camera needs to be adjusted every 10 seconds. In addition, I would like to address some of the so-called pacman Moon photos and the Moon having an angular shape. I have personally seen the Moon that way through a digital camera while trying to take a picture of the Moon through the eyepiece of a telescope. If you don’t stabilize the camera to be directly in front of the eyepiece it simply eats out parts of the Moon and it looks the same way as in the photos.

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      1. Fair enough about the pacman moon.

        Yeah, any youtube video could be fake. That’s for sure lol. I thought he only edited a small fraction of the total time though. Having said that, I have no idea how long he filmed the moon. He says a year in total, but is that 10 minutes one night, 5 minutes another. How much footage does he have and has he looked through it all?

        My first thought was that it was a camera recording anomaly, but I’m open to it being another weird optical phenomenon of the moon as there are so many.

        It is an interesting video all the same.

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        1. Actually, I looked at the video again, and it seems I was wrong about the Moon not moving. It just seemed that way at first, but I guess I should retract that. The wave is very peculiar and we do need more details from the author of the video to form an opinion on its authenticity.

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          1. I’m at a loss about the wave too. A few ideas:

            1. camera anomaly
            2. the way light works
            3. holographic projection
            4. optical illusion
            5. an aether characteristic
            6. fake video


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  7. Riteous info here. Glad to have found it (thru Steve…thanks mate). I figger the MOON to be the work of them NASA cats: lites, camera n action (movie). You ever notice thatz how they make the Moon in cartoons? Great big, old Floodlite or Spotlite? Like how the BATMAN symbol gits pitched onto the Sky too. SATELLITE/CAMERA Trickery n whatnot. Thats the real reason for the Satellites in the sky if you ask me. Tomfoolery on the eyes. STROBE effects, for example. The Eyes can only handle so many FRAMES per second. After that its no telling what they can make you SEE (n believe). Who are you going to believe? Them or your LYING eyes is what it comes down to. Keep hitting em with this truth you got going here!

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    1. Hi Dr moo, welcome to my blog. Your theories are no less valid than what NASA show us. I personally think the glowing white dots are asteroids, but hey, all we really know is that we are being told a load of nonsense.

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    1. Hi Stevie, thanks for dropping in.

      It’s possible. Someone else claimed it to be a lens. Either way, I don’t really care as it is likely a projection in my book. It is definitely very strange at least.

      Steve, thanks a million for the glass in the sky theory. If it hadn’t been for you, I could have no way figured out that the Sun was a sulfur lamp.

      I’m busy with the next article which is another mammoth one. We’re getting closer.

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