Why hide the concave earth?

Why hide the fact of a concave Earth? There are some practical and also some, more esoteric, possibilities as to why they are conspiring to portray a vast universe. I have come up with a few ideas; maybe you can think of some more. If so, then don’t forget to add them to the comments section below. (These theories have been split up into 10 pages for easy download.)

1. Trust theory
2. Religious theory
3. Economic control theory
4. Curiosity containment theory
5. Prison theory
6. Farm theory
7. Battery theory
8. Game theory
9. Womb theory
10. Library theory

1. Trust theory

For whatever reason at the time, the decision was made long ago to hide the fact of the concave Earth by a group of men sitting around a table. The trouble with lying is that unless you continue to lie, your reputation is shattered. The consequences for a lack of faith (trust) are dire. So, to uphold their trust (or contract) with the public, they (i.e. the Church) must continue to lie forever more. A lot of people in these organizations may be sick and tired of the charade, but the lying has gone on for so long that billions and trillions of dollars and a lot of careers are based on it. These industries range from the obvious ones like the space industry to some areas of the sciences and academics and even Hollywood, the press, and some areas of government. The heliocentric model is the basis of a lot of money and a large chunk of industry. It has to keep going to keep the wolf from the door.

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  1. “Battery Theory” or the concept of “loosh” is pretty much what’s depicted in the kid’s movie “Monsters Inc.”

    I say that not to disparage you, the source, or the movie (which is cute), but to wonder if the movie was inspired by this idea or if it’s a cooncidence.

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  2. How about this….earth is concave….it is kept secret from most of society because…
    If we were to know the truth, we would soon come to find that earth is MAN MADE…that God did.not create this universe, our universe is an artificial replication of God’s created universe..
    A universe that eventually was poisoned, destroyed, by mankind.
    So man, if wanting mankind to continue to exist, had to build artificial universe. Only a tiny percent of worlds population knows the truth. …convincing and brainwashing and training and enslaving 99.9% of population that our universe is Holy…and the masses are used by the elite to run, to be the gears and cogs (as unwitted slaves) to be the labor to make this artificial universe MECHANICAL earth machine run smoothly….all the that the elite can complete creation of ANOTHER manmade universe. Because they cannot stop our present universe from self destructing…

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    1. That is an interesting twist on artificial philosophy. Again, it is the blurred line between “god(s)” and “man” and the overlay of that definition onto the possible true spiritual source of man.

      You know, I was reading the start of the Zend Avesta (Zoroaster) the other day, and came across this interesting part – “First part (1-20). Ahura Mazda proposes to Yima, the son of Vîvanghat, to receive the law from him and to bring it to men. On his refusal, he bids him keep his creatures and make them prosper. Yima accordingly makes them thrive and increase, keeps death and disease away from them, and three times enlarges the earth, which had become too narrow for its inhabitants.”

      Yima was the first mortal who “god” spoke to. Now, this mortal was able to enlarge the earth three times. This sounds like Pangea. And keep death and disease away. That is some power for a mortal. Maybe in our current state of being we are missing something huge.

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  3. Maybe they believe that our universe is constantly evolving from inner to outer (like moebius strip) and if we believe in outer it will speed up the process.
    “Obedience without question. Loyalty until Underverse come.”

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  4. Y si la tierra es plana y hueca con una sola entrada en el polo norte??
    Ha considerado esa posibilidad¡¡?? saludos

    And if the Earth is flat and hollow with a single entrance at the North Pole? Have you considered that possibility?!! Best regards

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  5. The book “Butterflies are free to fly” by Stephen Davis has been inspirational to me as it present the ultimate dialectic of infitinite and finite. In accordance with your theories this could for example represent the outside and the inside of our earth. Here is a short description of his model: http://www.butterfliesfree.com/a-brief-explanation-of-the-model/
    The website also contains the whole book as a free PDF or audio book download.
    The reason I’m bringing it up here is that the Game theory is also the name of one of his chapters, and it was definitely an interesting read for me. Davis references a lot of scientism, media propaganda and our questionable paradigms, yet I don’t find that they deflate the basic modelling. Perhaps it is part of the truth that we are being shown before our eyes, kept in the layer that fakeologists or nutwork-exposers shun in their fright for discrediting.
    Thanks for your writing, I will surely check this site out more thorougly. Have you done any podcasts by the way?

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    1. Thanks for that interesting link. I’ll download the book and give it a read.

      No I haven’t done any podcasts, but I wouldn’t mind doing some to be honest. I have headphones and a mic so why not? I wanted to do concave earth sessions but the timezones mess that up a lot. I am GMT. I could still squeeze one out at 2 in the morning perhaps. Maybe now is the time for a bit of “marketing” rather than writing.


      I know philosophy is more interesting and easier to understand than the nuts and bolts of concave earth theory, and also more fun too.

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      1. Thanks for the reply WH.
        Your scope would be most welcome (at least for me as a listener) in a range of podcasts, but of course I’d check it out if you recorded your own.

        My dream audio would be a roundtable with you, Hoi Polloi, Celtic Rebel, Simon Shack, Jan Irvin, Dallas Goldbug, Newearth, Frank McManus and Chris Kendall. Your common ground, your inter-essence, is profound, yet some would probably not even agree to appear together – which for me just makes it even more compelling. My view is that the differences, the frictions, between your areas (disciplines?) of research could juxtapose a step further in the communal discoveries.

        At the core of this article (“Why hide…”) and Stephen Davis’ writings resides a question about resistance and acceptance. If we’re subjected to “false” understandings in our life experience, which reaction provides what? For example, if we are indeed imprisoned, is this confinement something to rebel against? Does acceptance serve to further subjugate us? So far I’ve come to the conclusion of observance.

        Etymologically “to hold to”, from Old French observer, osserver “to observe, watch over, follow”, from Latin observare “watch over, note, heed, look to, attend to, guard, regard, comply with,” from ob “over” + servare “to watch, keep safe,” from *ser- “to protect.” “To attend to in practice, to keep, follow”. “Watch, perceive, notice”.

        Not exactly a singular definition, but my intuitive reading is “over-watch”, again etymologically – over: Old English ofer “beyond, above, upon, in, across, past; on high,” and watch: from Proto-Germanic *wakjan, “to be strong, lively;” essentially the same word as Old English wacian “be or remain awake”).
        I just found the last two descriptions as I typed, so I’ll give it time for me to digest.
        (details extracted from etymonline.com)

        I’m looking for a place where these connections can be discussed, including the lineages of alchemy, which for me seem to point directly at all these fields I refer to, in a wholistic synthesis that touches upon the fabric of reality.

        May this be seen as an invitation to join forces, remaining awake beyond the limits of our beliefs, opinions and and judgements.

        With gratuity

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        1. mmmm. You got me thinking there. Maybe I should do a discourse or structured rant on youtube or something. I often talk to myself in my head when something gets me going lol. Maybe I should talk outloud into a microphone instead. 🙂 The subject isn’t always about concave earth either. The thing is I don’t like spurting out opinions, even though it is fun, because what I say sticks with me and isn’t necessarily the truth, because to find that takes a lot of time and research. Still, could be a lot fun.

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  6. Hey WH, great site. I’ve always sought the truth about history and science, and am always excited to see communities going against the grain to find the truth.

    Your first 4 theories are definitely true to an extent.

    The prison universe theory is unlikely IMHO. There is far too much opportunity and potential for happiness and fulfillment for it to be a punishment. This is however just my personal perspective.

    Farm theory is possible. From what I’ve researched about religion, mythology and the like, there are few spiritual beings which have the ability to reproduce (these may actually be the ones that are fictional). Of course I am talking about spiritual reproduction– physical reproduction is purely a matter of mechanics. But honestly, we have too little information about the universe outside our own, or what happened before our universe’s creation, to make any intelligent analysis.

    Battery theory seems improbable. I feel the anecdotes you referenced were results of actual mental illness, they seemed very paranoid.

    Game theory: see Battery theory

    Womb theory is a good one, but there’s one glaring hole in it. For the ‘fetus’ to develop, it has to be unaware it is a fetus or it would ‘break out’. Therefore, there would be failsafes in place to make even thinking about Womb theory impossible, so as to keep the ‘fetus’ ignorant. So, for me, the very fact that there is a Womb theory disproves it.

    Library theory is pretty far fetched. If they had such advanced technology as mind transplant/virtual reality, SURELY they could make an accurate helioccentric earth model and not have to use a concave earth with a bulb in the middle to mimic it. Unless that’s not what you meant? Anyway, I don’t think we’re in a simulation. Code doesn’t=conscious. Humans ponder their existence, whereas animals (who, when you get right down to it are biological code) don’t ponder anything at all, or have any drive to do anything except assert dominance and reproduce.


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    1. Good to see someone with a positive outlook.

      I think you may have confused battery theory with the end part of farm theory about the schizophrenic woman. Battery theory came solely from Munro.

      I forgot another one – Zoo theory. That we are entertainment (big brother style) for spirit beings. That is very close to game theory though.

      Womb theory – I see what you mean about failsafes. Again though, we don’t know the true make-up of the mind, spirit, consciousness, individuality etc. (basically who we are) to know much about this. Years ago I had read a few people claim that they thought there was an outside artificial intelligence that monitored everyone (very paranoid) so that even thinking certain thoughts, it would try and erase them. I can’t remember the context now. It reminds me of a few glitch in the matrix stories where a serious mind-melting illogicality happened (I mean a real “where the f##k am I” mind melt) and the observer said that they got this distinct but very strong feeling or pervasiveness, almost a voice, but not quite, that reassured them that this was nothing for them to be concerned about, that it wasn’t important and just to forget it. A couple of them said that they had a strong feeling that they would have forgotten it if they hadn’t immediately started to type it out on reddit on their phone there and then. It makes you wonder. Maybe a strong and determined mind can resist it. Not sure.

      The same applies to Library theory. In fact, the same applies to all the esoteric theories. Who are we? Yes I agree that code isn’t consciousness, but I think it is a filter (the physical world) for consciousness to sense through, or any localized body even. It makes me wonder if the energy body is really just a projection of the mind itself rather than a “less dense” physically separate entity through which consciousness filters through. So the soul would be the emotional “mind” or heart projection. This kind of stuff is not easy to compartmentalize and understand with the mind. Either way, I have consciousness as separate to all these things – mind, heart, body. It would be the same idea of me being the consciousness in front of my laptop screen typing these words to you through the physical computer. The computer isn’t conscious, but the operator/observer is.

      If the world is virtual it could be that a heliocentric universe is far, far too vast to compute. It’s computational power can only muster a small concave one. Plus the fact that the computer must somehow obey the “laws of physics” (EM waves in the aether) that makes the heliocentric Newtonian thought-model an impossibility. Having said that, the computer would be multidimensional to account for the parallel world glitches perhaps, or maybe it is a little like separate game servers which are all linked together allowing a little crossing over? I don’t know how the virtual world theory blends into the concave earth one in terms of its artificiality.

      Just my 2 cents.


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  7. First of all, i ended here from LSC youtube channel.
    I spent a few hours on your site and i still have a lot to read.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about the Akashic Records.
    I’m actually thinking there is a link bewteen the AR and the Mandela effect. I don’t know if you are familiar with these topics, if you are i’d really like to know your thoughs about it.

    Thank you for sharing so much informations.

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    1. I am familiar with the Mandela Effect, but much less so regarding the Akashic Records. I read a tiny bit about it during my brief new age woo-woo phase in my early 20s.

      How do you think the AR and Mandela Effect work together? Are you going with the theory that rather than parallel worlds, it is manipulation of history (a sort of time travel)? I have no problem entertaining all theories at this stage. So, it could be that the AR has been changed and since the AR resides on a subtler level (etheric?) this in turn changes what shows up in the physical record? Is that the idea?

      So “Interview with a Vampire” was changed to “Interview with the Vampire”. The next question is why do some, or perhaps most, people remember “a” and the rest “the”? Myself and my wife remember 100% that is was “a”, yet a few others on the net remember “the”. Mmmm. Perhaps a person’s memories reside on the physical (magnetic brain) and the ethereal (a subtler field). Maybe those people whose memories have been hardwired magnetically to the physical brain due to hard concentration or event focus, i.e. they loved the books and saw the film several times etc., remember the situation pre-change. So when the ethereal change occurs, the physical brain wipe isn’t wiped because of the indentation on the brain is too deep to be subtly erased?

      I’m just pulling ideas out of my arse and see if it could stick. To see if that would be correct, I’d have to look at those who adamantly remember it as “the” and see if they were die hard fans etc. If so, then the above theory probably won’t stick.

      Obviously the same applies to the Berenstein bears problem. The weird thing is the author says it has always been Berenstain, and he would have the heaviest magnetic indent of memory because he is the source. So maybe the above theory is a load of bollocks and parallel universe is what is happening, or something else entirely? I don’t know to be honest. One day I will catalog the glitch in the matrix reports and categorize them. Something may then stand out.


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      1. Thank you for the reply.

        Basically, i think our consciousness is our experience in one of the infinite planes of existence, “travelling” through them by quantuum leaps. Everything being stored in the AR which is the creator’s memory, generating the matrix of the infinite planes. The Mandela effect being the manifestation of the consciousness shifts and therefore a trigger to stop denying the creator.

        I wish there was a glitch’s database.

        PS: i mistyped my pseudo, here is the one i intended to use.

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        1. It’s probably not a memory, but a recording or data file of everything that is/has been/will be so to speak, like a record/dvd, hence the glitch in the matrix time anomalies which are so common.

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          1. I’m sorry but my native langage is french and i learnt english by myself.
            I meant storage like a HDD/SDD, i don’t think i can find any word to explain it. It’s not even physical storage…

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  8. Gratitude for courageously sharing without fear of ridicule, the high ideas which you are sharing freely here.

    Having just now read “Why hide the concave earth?” pages 1 through 11, these are the main ideas this soul is integrating into action:

    Instead of the old mistake of being fractured, untrustworthy, and civilization-destroying…
    This soul is becoming more and more WHOLESOME, TRUSTWORTHY, and CIVILIZATION-BUILDING.

    Instead of the old mistake of producing loosh for parasites, by reacting to situations by pumping out emotions (fear, anger, sadness, love, etc…)
    This soul is becoming more and more CENTERED, RATIONAL, NEUTRAL, replying to stimuli with the abiding: “WHATEVER. SO WHAT. REMAIN CENTERED.”
    This soul is becoming more and more content with quietness, boringness, fun-less, reduced-stimuli, reduced-reaction: “THIS SOUL NO LONGER CARES MUCH.”
    This soul is producing less and less and less loosh (emotional reactional energy) so this soul can return more quickly to the true free original home of this soul.

    This soul is breathing slowly, inhaling for over 10 seconds, exhaling for over 10 seconds, to activate the internal heating Para-Sympathetic System, killing bacteria/parasites/viruses.
    This soul is breathing slowly, inhaling for over 10 seconds, exhaling for over 10 seconds, to calm the mind, to produce less mental thoughts, to reduce the emotional loosh output.

    When this soul leaves this body, this soul will go AWAY from the light. This soul knows the lovey-feeling attractor-pull light is a soul trap. THIS soul will go AWAY from the light trap.

    If possible, a few years from now, as soon as this soul has set up a self-sufficient food&cannabis greenhouse here in Japan, this soul will then direct this body to go visit you over there in Ireland if possible. Thanks again. 🙂

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    1. Here is a quote from Sidney Reiners , who surprisingly is very close to my understanding of the “alien” issue which ties in beautifully with farm theory:

      …and although quoting the ufonauts is a little like quoting the mugger who yells help when the police arrive, may there not inadvertently be much truth in the comment of one contactee who claims he was told, “My friend, this earth is the battlefield of Armageddon, and the battle is for men’s minds and souls”?

      John Keel is a good one too. I think his superspectrum theory could well be on the money. He thinks gravity is an ultra low frequency EM wave (so do I) and the paranormal stuff happens at frequencies well below that! I think it is because of the time difference between the physical and etheric worlds. So 1 oscillation per second on the etheric plane is the equivalent to say 1 trillion oscillations in the physical. Hence the story of the black templar SS stones at the bottom of that Austrian mountain (time dialation) and people going for a walk in a strange landscape for 5 minutes only find that 3 years have gone by when they get back home (fairy land). It is the plane of existence where the Earth engineers come from. A sulfur lamp rotates at I think 600 times a minute. Our Sun will have the same time reference to the etheric engineers. 600 times a minute is equivalent to 600 days with us, so one minute in their world is 600 days in ours for example.

      I’ll continue this post when I get back, there is a lot more to say about this.

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